Meet the Founder of Queen Love Loc


Made By Her

Karene Glaves of Atlanta, Georgia, mother of 2 beautiful daughters, with a fashion background, started an organic haircare company because she knows the value of healthy hair. Born in Jamaica and raised in New York taught her the importance of adopting a holistic lifestyle at a very young age. Being in New York also taught her how to survive and be a "go-getter". She learned how to grow and use plants and herbs for healing and preventing disease as a child. She has passed these valuable lessons down to her daughters as well. Today, she is able to implement all that she has learned into her own lifestyle and into this business. Many other women have inspired her along the way to reach her dreams of having her own business. 

Queen of Love Locs was born August 2019. Karene was very eager to get her business running to teach her daughters how imperative entrepreneurship is in today's society. She also enjoys being a blessing to others from what she has learned from her experiences over the years. She chose to start a haircare company because she struggled with products that are available on mainstream. No hair products worked for her and her daughters. She started experimenting with organic ingredients that actually worked and helped her hair to grow strong and healthier. Her and her daughters have different hair strands but she found her products worked on all of theirs perfectly. She is extremely excited to bring this company into fruition and even more happy she is able to help your hair needs!